Thursday, June 24, 2010

Looking back...

What an incredible journey I have had this year as Miss Oakland County and what an AMAZING experience I was so blessed to have as I competed for Miss Michigan.

After interview day, the week really flew by. I had so much fun with every event and preliminary competition. I was in a great mindset all week and truly not worried about what God had in store for me.

Being called into the top 10 was a dream come true! I had so much fun throughout the pageant and tried for my best performance yet. While awaiting the top 5 announcement, I thought to myself, whether or not I make the cut, I am proud!

I didn't make the top 5, but was filled with emotion for the five women standing there, one of whom would become our new Miss Michigan.

Katie LaRoche will be a wonderful representative. She is fun, energetic, caring...I could go on and on. I am proud to call her our Miss Michigan, and can't wait to go to Miss America to cheer her on!!!

My plan is to compete and try to return next year! I thank everyone who sent me cards, notes, gifts, flowers, thoughts or prayers...I carried you all with me this week and every day. I couldn't have done it alone--your encouragement and kind thoughts mean so much.

Shout out to all my Miss MI sisters, especially the naughty dressing room (AKA 6 of the top 10!) Casey, Kathryn, roomie you all! Reuinion at Miss America!


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